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Personal help!

The president of the company helped me for several hours yesterday to successfully install Darkwire on my other two computers. He is very patient! So what could be better than having the president of a vpn himself help? So spread the news that Darkwire is a good vpn.

Charley C. Senegal September 25, 2018

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Security for a Non-Profit

Thank you for helping us make our communications more secure. Security is crucial for us as an organization. We need to know that we are doing what we can. You helped us take our security to a new level ensuring secure communications between end users connecting from the Internet back to the office. We were able to do all this using an open source software which fits nicely into a limited budget.

Kevin T IT Director August 26, 2015

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Works in an Unfriendly Asian Environment

"Thanks for the premium config files. That seems to have done the trick. Now I can get on with a minimum of hassles and delays. Thanks for your prompt and personalized service."

Anonymous August 27, 2014

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Getting Near Wire Speed in Asia

"In the (East Asian) country in which we are located, our maximum Internet speed is 3 Mbps. I have been able to use your Singapore node to get 2.8 Mbps!"

MG August 27, 2014

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Sold on Support

"I was telling my wife last night that this type of communication means more to me than you realize, and I am thankful. I am grateful for your hard work into our situation and will share our experience with those around us, you can count on that. I have already sent out an email to some of my friends."

JA August 27, 2014

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Watched Netflix. Flawless.

“It’s been working great since it connected. I’ve tested a bunch of apps that connect to the internet and they’ve worked flawlessly. I even watched about 20 minutes of a movie on Netflix and had not one glitch. Video performance was also flawless. Very impressive!”

MP August 27, 2014

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Connected in Africa

"Your solution was very timely. I had been port-forwarding email through my server back in the States, but my server went down for some reason yesterday. So getting this working has allowed me to continue working here in Africa without much down-time. Thanks for your excellent service and patience in getting me hooked up!"

Tim Young August 27, 2014

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Custom VPN for International Non-profit

“Working with DarkWireVPN to install and configure our custom VPN solution was a pleasurable experience that exceeded our expectations. Their knowledgeable professionals worked with us to implement a system that easily and securely connects our global network which has greatly increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our international workforce.”

G Kent August 27, 2014

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