VPNs are the latest rage, but many people don't understand why they really DO need one. We explain that in this article.

DarkWire customers understand that all VPNs are not created equal. You can read some of the positive comments we have received.

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Watched Netflix. Flawless.

“It’s been working great since it connected. I’ve tested a bunch of apps that connect to the internet and they’ve worked flawlessly. I even watched about 20 minutes of a movie on Netflix and had not one glitch. Video performance was also flawless. Very impressive!”

MP August 27, 2014

According to what shows up in your HTTP request, your public IP address is: Other information which the MaxMind database has about this IP is: City: Ashburn, State: Virginia, Country ISO: US, Country: United States, Longitude: -77.4728, Latitude: 39.0481, Continent: NA, Time Zone: America/New_York As best we can tell, you are located in , () in the country of ().