VPN: OpenVPN for Android

(2022/01)  We are aware of issues with some newer Android devices which are complaining about the key length on the configuration files.  At this time we cannot guarantee your Android device will work.  We are reviewing our options for Android.

NOTE: (2016/10/20) We have changed the link for VPN software to use the direct links to Tunnelblick (Mac) and OpenVPN (Windows) software. If you use Android or iOS, you should download the OpenVPN Connect from your appropriate mobile app store. This change will affect the installation procedure somewhat, but the following instructions should still be read through (first) to get an understanding of what generally should happen during an install.

To use OpenVPN, you must have received a configuration file from Dark Wire VPN or from your company’s IT Department if your company has a group account with Dark Wire VPN.  Keep this file available for use later on in the installation process.

Android 4.x and higher
Download the OpenVPN Connect app from the Android Play Store.

Android prior to version 4
Typically, Android OS prior to version 4 requires the device to be rooted. If your device is rooted, you can download the generic OpenVPN app from the marketplace.

Install the app.  Open the e-mail containing your configuration files for DarkWire VPN.  You should be able to either (a) open the attachment in OpenVPN Connect or (b) save the attachments to your file system and then open them up in OpenVPN Connect.  (Note the location where you save the configuration files.)